Shipping to Mail Forwarders

Mail Forwarder Issues/Risks for TH3D #

Some people use services that are known as mail forwarders that send packages to a central place (usually in the US) and then ship them to another country. If you place an order with a mail forwarder address it will be canceled and refunded. Your information will also be added to our internal blacklist to prevent future orders.

Due to the high risk and actual first-hand experience of these forwarders being used to commit fraud (chargebacks and disputes) we do not ship to mail forwarders.

Mail forwarders do not provide end-to-end tracking of the order so people have tried to use them in the past to try and commit fraud against us to get products for “free”. This leaves us in a risky position with the payment processors in the event of someone trying to commit fraud so we do not ship to them.

Approval to Ship to a Mail Forwarder #

If you are a customer who is in good standing and need to use a mail forwarder you can Contact Us for approval from the team to ship the order. If you are approved, you accept all risks of using a mail forwarder and TH3D Studio LLC is not liable if your mail forwarder loses, damages, or steals your package from us.

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