Standard vs Priority Support

Support Coverage #

All our products come with technical support and the support is included for the length of the product warranty. Technical support covers the product itself. Products that require firmware must be using TH3D firmware to be eligible for technical support. Unless a product comes with and/or you manually upgrade the support level all products come with our standard support level.

Support Communication #

All included product support is done via our help desk email system or live chat system. If you require phone, video, or remote PC support it is available at an additional charge.

Support Levels #

Standard Support Level – Standard support means our normal priority email support which can be anywhere from 1 to 5 business days response time depending on how much support volume we have. Standard support level tickets are handled on a first come, first served basis and are answered after our Priority Support level customers.

Priority Support Level – Our Priority support level is typically is next business day at the latest even during times of high support volume. Priority support must be added on to a product (if available) and/or order at the time of purchase and cannot be added on after the order is received. Priority support level tickets will get priority over standard support level tickets.

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