MultiMount System Installation Guide

Precautions! #

  • DO NOT overtighten the screws when installing the mount, clamp, or accessories! The MultiMount System is made of aluminum. While it is durable under most conditions, it can be easy to accidentally strip the threads of the mount.
  • The MultiMount System may require you to modify your printer’s wiring and/or firmware. Depending on which accessories and hot-ends you choose to use with your MultiMount, you may be required to modify the wiring, replace components, and/or update your printer’s firmware. For best results, you should be familiar with these processes before you begin installing any printer upgrades.
  • Technical Support is available for the MultiMount System and our retail accessories ONLY. Our technical support is limited to the use of the product itself and does NOT include support for third-party hot-ends, fans, self-printed accessories, or STL files. You may be referred back to the manufacturer or reseller of any third-party items that we do not sell directly.

Kit Contents #

Kits should include:

  • MultiMount Base and Clamp
  • Hardware:
    • (1) Printed Spacer (for assistance mounting V6/Volcano-length hot-ends)
    • (2) M3×6 mm Flanged Button Head Screws (Attaches mount to the carriage)
    • (2) M3×12 mm Flat Head Screws (For strain relief clamp, printable accessory)
    • (2) M3×16 mm Flat Head Screws (Clamps hot-end into mount)
    • (2) M3×22 mm Button Head Screws (For attaching 5015 blower fan to printable shroud)
    • (4) M3×10 mm Button Head Screws (Screws for all four provided accessory locations, one on each side and two on top)
    • (4) M3×0.5 mm Hex Nuts (For strain relief clamp and fan attachment)

Installing the MultiMount System #

Basic installation steps #

  1. Install (2) M3x6mm flanged screws into standoffs on carriage loosely
  2. Slide the MultiMount base over the standoffs, tighten the screws to secure them in place

Some hot-ends are longer than others and may require adjustments to the Z endstop switch or the height of the MultiMount on the carriage. Please see the following sections for further details:

V6/Volcano with Z endstop switch present #

V6-style and Volcano-style hot-ends are typically longer than standard Creality hot-ends. As such, the MultiMount can be adjusted to accommodate the length of the hot-end. We include a spacer to help with this process, which avoids the need to adjust the Z endstop switch’s position.

  1. Home Z in the middle of the bed
  2. Line up spacer against the roller wheel screw head in the proper orientation
  3. Adjust the MultiMount until it rests against the spacer
  4. Tighten the flanged screws to secure the MultiMount in place.

The spacer has a long side and a short side. For V6-style and Tough All-Metal hot-ends, the shorter side of the spacer should be vertical. For longer Volcano-style hot-ends, the longer side of the spacer should be vertical.

Other hot-ends with Z endstop switch present #

This installation method works with hot-ends of any length by adjusting the Z endstop position. You may lose (or gain) a very small amount of build volume in the Z direction.

  1. Install MultiMount as low on the carriage as possible, resting on the standoffs
  2. Install hot-end into MultiMount
  3. Loosen Z endstop switch
  4. Lower Z until nozzle touches the bed
  5. Adjust Z endstop until it triggers against the gantry, tighten it down
  6. Auto-home Z to ensure it stops Z when the nozzle touches the bed, adjust again if necessary.

All hot-ends with EZABL, BLTouch, or other bed-leveling sensor #

  1. Install the MultiMount base as low on the carriage as possible, resting on the standoffs
  2. Install hot-end into MultiMount per next section
  3. Install ABL mount accessory and ABL sensor onto MultiMount
  4. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for ABL installation, configuration, and/or calibration.

Installing the hot-end assembly #

  1. Arrange the collar mount of the hot-end into the groove of the MultiMount base.
  2. Use the Hot-End Clamp and 2x (two) M3×16mm Flat Head Screws to clamp the hot-end in place securely. (Be careful not to over-tighten the screws!)

Wiring/Cable Management Suggestions #

  • Always ensure that your wires are long enough and arranged so they are not pulled taut by the motion of the printer. Wiring that is not long enough or does not provide enough travel will cause issues with printing and may damage the printer and wiring.
  • You may choose to use a third-party wiring solution, such as a printed piece from a source such as Thingiverse, Thangs, Printables, etc. Please be aware that we do NOT provide technical support for third-party accessories or wiring solutions.
  • Accessory fans, such as heatsink or part-cooling fans, may require additional cable management. Depending on the positioning of the accessory sliders (ex. our 5015/EZABL combination mount), you may have additional space on the slider to zip-tie the wiring.
  • If using an EZABL, ensure that you secure the sensor’s strain relief so that it does not move with the motion of the axis. See our EZABL installation instructions for more information.

Mounting Accessories #

We have a wide variety of accessories available for the MultiMount System, including fan ducts, EZABL/BLTouch mounts, direct-drive adapters, and more!

Please see this article for installation instructions for your chosen accessories.

Additional Resources

STL files #

We have a variety of accessories available as STL files for you to print to accompany your MultiMount System. These files are included with the purchase of the MultiMount System itself or our Accessories Packages. The full STL package can also be purchased separately.

Replacement Screws #

We carry a package of assorted M3/M4/M5 screws that would be perfect to accompany the MultiMount System! Our MultiMount System uses M3 screws of various lengths as noted at the top of this article. If you need additional hardware, see our Screw and Nut Assortment package here:

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