VSCode – Problems & Terminal Tabs

“Problems” Tab #

VSCode has multiple tabs at the bottom of the screen. For purposes of the firmware; IGNORE the “Problems” tab. It is normal to have it flagging some things. Error messages for the firmware are located in the Terminal tab.

Terminal Tab #

If you run into issues with compiling you want to look in the “Terminal” tab for lines of text that are RED color. Lines in the Terminal tab are error messages that are relevant to troubleshooting compile issues.

In the above screenshot you can see that we successfully compiled the firmware but VSCode is stating there are objects in the “Problems” tab. Ignore these. All errors that are relevant to the firmware will be located in the “Terminal” tab, in RED color.

Finding Error Messages #

To find error messages you need to scroll up in the Terminal tab and look for RED messages, these will be what is needed to troubleshoot the problem.

In this below example we intentionally forgot to uncomment a printer name. This throws an error since we neglected to tell the firmware what printer we are compiling for.

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