USPS First Class Mail Services FAQ

*Due to COVID19, USPS shipments are seeing higher than normal delivery times. To get an idea of the current delivery times, see our COVID19 status page with our estimates based on actual order delivery times.

Delivery Times #

Delivery times will vary on USPS First Class Mail services. First Class Mail is the cheapest and slowest option to ship your order. Most US packages see delivery times of 1-5 days and international orders can take anywhere from 7-20 days under normal conditions.

Guarantees #

USPS is NOT a guaranteed delivery option per USPS’s own policy for First Class Mail and First Class Mail International. This means that the package delivery time has no guaranteed delivery date and they will not issue refunds if an order does not make it to its destination in a certain amount of time.

Insurance #

None of the USPS First Class mail services come with carrier-provided insurance. We offer opt-out shipping insurance at checkout on all orders to insure any order from any carrier and/or service level. If you opt out of this insurance at checkout, your USPS First Class service is not insured.

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